Friday, January 08, 2016

REFASHION: slim pants and a new skirt

As much as I would love to wear sweatpants and tees every day, I kind of like looking presentable and cute. However, my jeans/pants stash is no longer an abundance of choices. What's easier? Fixing a button that popped off a pair of jeans or scoring a cute pair of narrow striped men's pants to refashion? Because I haven't done my research on how to fix a jeans button (I think all I need is a hammer), I chose to refashion the new pants. Yes, my thought process isn't always logical.


While watching the season finale of Survivor, I turned a pair of men's shorts into a cute little skirt. Before the shorts faced the scissors I needed to answer a tough fashion question: Shorts or skirt? I could always use another pair of cute shorts but then I would have to wait until summer to wear them. I really don't need another skirt, but I could wear it all year round. Sometime in the new year I will dig through my closet and toss old clothes into my refashion bin, including refashioned skirts that I hardly wear.


For more details and pictures, please click here.

Jennifer Elliott

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Andrea said...

Much better on the pants and skirt!

Andrea EOD