Monday, January 25, 2016

Shirt with tattoo drawing

I fell completely in love with the drawing on this bluse oversize T-shirt (square-shirt would be more correct). But I am petite and have an hourglass figure, and oversize make me look like a weeble wobble.

I found this boring black shirt and transplanted the front of the bluse shirt to the black shirt.

And now I can show off the darling drawing (that makes me want to dress up in rockabilly and pin-up style).

I meant to make the length of the black shirt fit the blue one, but when I put it on, I actually liked it the way it was. It is like an alternative high-low hem or making me think of a man's tailcoat.


1 comment:

jennifer elliott said...

Great refashion. I love the color block of the blue and black and the high-low hem.

Jennifer, EOD