Saturday, February 13, 2016

50's jacket and my refashioned copy!

I found this jacket at a vintage fair. It fits me really well, which is sheer luck, as anyone who looks round these fairs will know that finding one that fits is a rare occurrence!

I really liked everything, the print, the shaping and particularly the collar shape.

And above is the before and after. So once I'd copied the jacket I managed to squeeze the pattern pieces into the fabric from the trousers, only just!

For a bit on copying the pattern, cutting it from the trouser and a few close-ups, have a look at my blog here.


Andrea said...

Wow, you really just had enough! Great job, and great remake of something you love :)

Andrea EOD

Linda Wilson said...

Really only just enough!! Thank you said...

Amazing, who knew you could get that much fabric out of a pair of trousers?!?