Friday, February 05, 2016

Copy cat "Talladega Top"

Well, fashionista's! I'm excited about today's post! But, I will back up a bit. One thing I like to do is look through magazines and find fashions that I could refashion & make myself ... I get a lot of ideas from People Style Watch...Here is the pic of my inspiration... But at $101.00 for one shirt... Can you say, not gonna happen...
As you can see by my notes in the picture, the plan was to use a turtleneck... Then I ran into the first snag - it cut beautifully, but when I went to sew it, the ribbing material kept causing my thread to be very loose... So... Back to the drawing board ... I selttled on an XLG men's South Pole t-shirt... I began to make my cuts... I cut a Vee shape at each of the shoulder( make sure to fold the tshirt in half so your 'Vee' cuts are the same) and then  cut out the neck line....I also cut the sides to match the shirt that is  laying on top, to create a figure flattering shape to the shirt.
And here is the final product... Not too shabby!!!


Renata Laura said...

Very on trend! I agree 100 dollars for a tshirt?!

jennifer elliott said...

I think you picked the perfect shirt for the refashion. Looks fabulous. I'm with you -- I would have a hard time spending $100 on a shirt. Five or more shirts maybe, but not one.

Jennifer, EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Head scratch here concerning the 'snag'/problem with sewing:
Do you think, it might be an idea to PRE sew the first 'catch lines' (= as sort of fray stop anyway - despite hardly necessary) very close to where you want to CUT than later anyway?
PRE-sewn line than NOT to be cut off (= popular beginners or 'non-concentration grrr-mistake = probatum est :-o )

Reason being: I've learnt with my 'sensitive machine', she has similar dislikes. YET: using the above trick (= sewing in the still FULL and not partly to less material to obviously 'bite' her teeth properly in, she accepts the job and this PRE-sewn line is even providing her a 'decent bite/grip' for the next step: turning it under for a solid, decent looking seam.

LG, Gerlinde
with thumbs up for your job and thriftiness

Jillybean said...

Thank you for the information... I know I tried different kinds of stitcher & it created a loopy effect with every stitch... I did not try this so luckily I threw it in the. 'give it a try another day' pile ... Lol ... If It works, I will be sure to post it !! Thank you for the help!

g.satansbraten said...

Something else flushing through my mind to this problem:

Did you ever have a closer look at/listen to people doing machine-embroidery?
The trick of theirs by the look of it: sew some very fragile webbing underneath (=together) with any just as fragile material. They seem to cut off the surplus afterwards.
Another way to even get rid of this sort of webbing all together at the end is this famous 'wash away webbing' = I think in Australia it's called 'Romeo' (= would be THE 'first' Romeo to get rid of IN time ;-) + :-o = shame on me !)

Good luck and all thumbs up and please remember: not meant to patronise you - it's: together we're strong(er); I love to hear from tricks and ideas from others, so I just precautionary throw in mine wherever I think they could assist.

LG, Gerlinde