Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cowgirl Up! And a Bonus!

Hello buttercups!

Sorry I've been so absent. I've had a ton of other things taking up my time and I also haven't been feeling well, so my sewing fell by the wayside. Tonight though, I dusted off my sewing area (literally. Ew.) and finished a project that has been sitting with Addie for some time!

Got this AMAZING Western shirt at Goodwill for just a few bucks!

Look at the details!

So in love. And it's a snap shirt too, no pesky buttons. But coolest of all?


But, here was the downside. Not a pretty sight.

I have been DYING to try adding lace inserts to a top and this lil' lady seemed like the perfect candidate. So I popped open the side seams.

I finally found some acceptably cheap lace at Goodwill, so we were ready to hitch this project up and it move it out!

After some finicky pinning...

Lookin' mighty fine

Sewed it all in and serged (cannot get over how much I love my serger. Having nice, professional looking seams makes me giddy)

And here we are!


Side. The other side is not perfectly symmetrical, but who's gonna notice? The cattle? The chickens?

Now she's all ready for ride in the surrey with the fringe on top!* But before we head out a-drivin', here's one more little mini-refashion... To make up for being gone so long LOL

LOVE this t-shirt (I am a Geologist in disguise... So says my Bachelor's, anyway) but it's just too dang tight.

Slash the sleeves...

Slash the back, and now it's stretched out enough to be comfortable and looks oh-so edgy. 

 *I apologize for the terrible, terrible puns that went with my Stetson top refashion

That's all folks! I'm actually part of a '365 day art challenge' group on FB that my sister-in-law put together, where she is challenging us to do something creative for at least 5 minutes each day, all year. Since sewing is my major creative outlet, I'm going to put some serious dedication into working on something each day, even if it's only for a little bit! Now, back to coughing my lungs out and trying to figure out what brand makes the best cough syrup.




Vintagethrifter51 said...

I like the 365 art challenge. I will have to try it out. I do putter away with my sewing and jewelry making almost every day, but I will have to kick it up a notch. Great refashions! Cheers, Michele

Samwise J. said...

Thanks Michele! Yes, I'm excited to have a reason to really work on something a bit each day. When you think about just taking 5 minutes each day it's really not that big a commitment!

Minnado said...

Lovely work. I like the use of lace in the first refashion.

Debbie EOD

Samwise J. said...

Thank you Debbie! It's something I've been wanting to try for soooo long and I think I'm hooked now, since it turned out so good :)