Thursday, February 18, 2016

Earring to Necklace

I ordered clip on earrings for my mum from an outlet, but they were clip on because they are big... Before. Too Bollywood for her.
And something for me! This necklace technically cost £0 to make as I already has these pieces lying around. When i was making a bag recently I left off the tassle as I didn't want to cut up any jewellery, but these were fine to do that! I haven't made jewellery for a long time and I think it would be a nice complement to handmade clothing. I started off jewellery with refashioning too. What about thrifted/one-missing/too-heavy earrings to upcycle?


jennifer elliott said...

Turning just one earring (when the other is missing) into a pendant is a brilliant idea.

Jennifer, EOD

Renata Laura said...

Thank you Jennifer. I just charityshopped some brooches that could be made into pendants too!