Friday, February 26, 2016

Feelin' Groovy!

My husband and I recently attended a 60's themed dance.  I had such a fun time decorating for the dance and coming up with our costumes.  I used a thrifted bed sheet and Simplicity pattern 1197 to make a retro coat to wear for the evening.  My dress was also thrifted with just an adjustment in size and some added trim at the hemline.  If you would like to see a detailed post of all the decorations, including my turning the church foyer into a retro living room, you can visit my blog, Second Chances by Susan.

A little peek at the retro living room...


1 comment:

Andrea said...

That coat! Amazing what you can do with old linens! Such a cool theme and the combination of coat and dress are just perfect :)

Andrea EOD