Thursday, February 25, 2016

From mini to maxi

So it's not often you can take a skirt from mini to maxi, but it's really easy with this little trick.

Start with two skirts!  Okay, so maybe that's cheating?  But the long tiered skirt's bottom tier was all ripped up from stepping on it, and had to come off which made the long skirt too short by itself.  Alright, here's the process:
Step 1: cut off the waistband of the tiered skirt.  Bye for now...or cut off the tags and use it as a headband.
Step 2: zig zag the two layers together.  You really need the bottom layer to act as a slip under the quite sheer top layer.  Also, this makes the next step easier.
Step 3: Topstitch around the bottom of the mini, catching the other skirt firmly underneath.  

Tada!  A new skirt from mini to maxi!

Why on earth did I make a WHITE skirt for my teenage daughter?  Please go over to my website, Skirt Fixation, to find out why, it's really very beautiful!

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Andrea said...

Perfect for a teenage daughter! Except the color ;)