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Monday, February 15, 2016

Hearts and Stripes for Valentine's Day

Time for a refash for Valentines Day! And no this will not contain anything red (I'm daring to be different).
I started with this dress I found at a thrift store in Lansing, MI

Used this as inspiration:

[[Photo removed by editor. Visit blog to see inspiration pic.]]

Added light gray bias tape to the sleeves.

And to the bottom as well.

Pinned lace hem tape on the front!

This is where the hearts. Come in:
I picked up this adorable gray heart patterned fabric at the fabric store!

I printed a pattern for a Peter Pan Collar. Pinned it and cut it out! I folded the fabric so I could cut all 4 pieces at once.

Pinned two layers together.

Marked .5cm seam allowance.

Sewed them together.

Turned my collar right side out with a bamboo skewer (these things are so useful)!

Sewed the ends together.

I pinned my collar to the neckline of my dress. (Thanks to my body double, Sally)
Now I messed up a little. I really should have measured how long to make my collar because it came up too short. Now I know for next time.

Annnd the last detail: I hand sewed some thin ribbon the collar to tie into a bow!

The husband and I decided to stay in for the night. (Hence the totally cool fuzzy bunny socks, they really complete this dress) ;) We made dinner together, opened a bottle of Prosecco and got ready to watch The Walking Dead. (How very romantic, I know)


Happy Refashioning!!!

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Chickie Walsh said...

I don't know why but the bias tape trim on the sleeves and hem change it a lot. It looks really cute.

Carissa said...

Amazing what a few little tweaks can do! Love the Peter Pan collar and non-traditional Valentine's color scheme.


P.S. I've removed your inspiration pic since it violates our rule not to use other people's photos. I replaced it with a link to your blog entry.

Marisa Glied said...

Thank you! I thought the same thing! I was like well it'll probably be no big change, but I think it added a lot!


Marisa Glied said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to make another peter pan collar!

P.S- Thanks, I totally wasn't thinking! That's why your the EOD ;)