Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nancy Drew Part 1; A Clutch Purse

Hello Refashion Co-op. My project today was inspired by a box of books given to me by a neighbor. You remember Nancy Drew? She was a very stylish teen detective who solved mysteries for her dad. And she always looked great doing it too.

This copy of the first book in the Nancy Drew series was a little beat up. I decided to give a new use, a clutch purse. I remembered seeing books turned into small purses on Pinterest and wanted to try it. It involved some cutting and a lot of glue. 

It was cute and it was unlike anything I had made before. I love a new project. 

For more details and pictures go to I Can Work With That.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


cfortin said...

I have been wondered about making a purse from a book myself. Looking forward to your other Nancy Drew project. :-)

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks Cindy. It was fun but it doesn't hold much. Maybe next time I will try "War and Peace" or something else really long. haha