Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pat's Dolman

Today's refashion was a gift from my coworker & friend, Pat. She teaches sewing workshop classes at my place of employment (I work full-time at a sewing shop and teach sewing lessons. Did you know that?) :) Anyhoo, she's a real seamstress, making all her own clothes through patterns. Recently, she gifted me this lovely dolman sleeve blouse.

LOVE the print!

Pat didn't care for wingspan/severity of the dolman so she gave it to me. I actually love dolman sleeves, but I decided to just polish it up a bit to fit me better.

I used the shoulder notches as a guide and made a cut all the way down, angling close to original hem for an A-line fit.

Sew the left over raw edges, leaving a gap for the sleeves to be reattached to the arm holes.
I put the newly fitted sleeve back in the arm hole with the Right Sides together and sewed them with a simple straight stitch.

The sleeves are still slightly dolman... just a tighter fit.

I paired it with one of my beanies for a shot outdoors. It's been an easy winter so far *knock on wood
Pat approved :) (She made the awesome shirt she's wearing too).

I do so enjoy picking out my own stuff at the thrift stores... but I like it even better when I'm gifted items for free :) 

Thank you, Pat!

To see my full tutorial (And some of Pat's other awesome makings), check out my original post here.



cfortin said...

Great new top. The fabric is so pretty I am glad you were able to save it.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

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Marisa Glied said...

Nice save! Looks great on you!