Saturday, February 27, 2016

Print with striped edge! and an almost failed refashion?

When I get an idea into my head I just have to go with it and get it sewn! I found this dress, and saved this t-shirt from my daughter's clearing out.

 I wanted to make a cardigan with a rib edging.

So I did, however there really wasn't enough fabric, but I was determined, and I joined pieces together to make the sleeves but as you can see in the photo the fabric was too thick and bulky to make the matched seams disappear!! Failed and disappointed!

However several weeks later, I spotted another dress. So with the sleeves recut, The cardigan is ready for wearing. For the full saga have a look here.


jennifer elliott said...

I love the mix of patterns! Looks fabulous!

Minnado said...

Lovely refashion - it looks great.

Debbie EOD

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you ladies. I like mixing knits like this or anything else that I can manage to match!