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Monday, February 08, 2016

recutting some cashmere

I have had these trousers for so so so long and truth is, I was afraid to cut them in case I messed up.   I bought the trousers on ebay, and they were too big on the waist and too wide to be flattering on the ankle (wish  I had longer legs sometimes).  

 The one part of the recut that can go wrong, is if something goes off grain, so when I thought it through, I figured I would baste stitch up the crease of the pants as they were on the straight grain, and would work as my selvage guide.

I had a few patterns to consider, but as usual, what you plan and the amount of fabric you get are often miles apart, so I drafted a new pattern which matched the cut better of the original, and cut away.  I pretty much mimicked the previous construction, and ultimately I have a pair of wearable trousers (after 3 years)

I have done very little sewing and remakes so far this year.... this was the first, more to come soon I hope!

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cfortin said...

Glad you found the courage for your project. I have been intimidated by projects myself sometimes.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab