Saturday, February 27, 2016

REFASHION: flowers and stripes

Yay! My confidence level just took a step up with my latest refashion! I recently bought this normal black-and-white striped shirt on clearance. The shirt fits fine and looks nice. However, during a recent shopping trip with my sisters, I leisurely combed through the clearance racks and found a lovely pair of floral leggings.


Anyway, I bought the cute floral leggings with absolutely no intention of wearing them. I immediately knew it would make my new striped shirt even better -- turning the original 3/4 sleeves into full length sleeves and lengthening the shirt hem with the floral fabric.

For more details and pictures, click here.

Until next time -- Jennifer Elliott


Melissa Lin said...

Great mix of patterns!

Andrea said...

My favorite mix! Love how this turned out :)

Minnado said...

I love the mix of floral and stripes.

Debbie EOD