Sunday, February 07, 2016

Spiderman-girl costume

My niece had asked me to make her a Spiderman-girl costume (not Spidergirl, Spiderman-girl) for fastelavn *.
For the costume I used this shirt, a pair of blue leggins, blÄ and red tulle and spiderweb-fleece fabric.

I cut the sleeves from the body of the shirt and repaced the blue body with spiderweb fabric. I mad legwarmers and fingerless gloves out of the fleece also.
The tutu is made like the rainbow glitter skirt, I made for her sister: Easy tutu
From remnants of red tulle and spiderweb fabric I made a hairband with a bow.

The costumes is just like the imaged it. Yay! :-D

* Fastelavn, which is celebrated in Denmark and the Germanic countries. In short it is tecnically the
same as carnival: The day before the 40 day fasting before easter starts (well used to start, no one do it these days). It used to be a day, where people drank and ate and partied like crazy.
Today it is mostly a children's celebration.
In short it is much like halloween, just without the scary stuff. They dress up, make fastelavn decorations and go trick and treating. They a destroy a barrel full of candy with a wooden bat, and two ones who respectively destroy the bottom of the barrel and the last board, gets chosen as cat king and cat queen.
Fastelavn is a smelting pot of catholic traditions (which we not longer are), heathen fertility traditions and modern ones.


kitblu said...

I am very fond of spiders. I wouldn't mind one of these costumes myself.
Your niece looks quite charming.

Carissa said...

I do believe that is the best Spiderman-girl I've ever seen! Great job! :)


Marisa Glied said...

Super cute! Love this!