Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Perfect Pair of Panties

Having been on the hunt for the perfekt pair of briefs for months and not having any luck finding what I was looking for, I became grumpy and decided to make my own ones.
I had found some that almost worked. Of all things it was the cheapest brand from a local supermarket chain.
So I bought a pair with the intention to use them as a starting point.

The low boyshorts leg opening was just what I wanted, except I wanted a high waistline on The Perfect Pair Of Panties.
(They look a bit washed out because the flash caught the glare of the elastan threads in the fabric).

- I started by cutting the elastic waist of.
- I measured myself and cut to pieces of striped fabric, that I stitched together at the sides into a tube.
I pinned them to the briefs and tried them on, and cut a little of the fabric off, and narrowed the striped tube a little, and tried them on again, and narrowed a little, until the tube had the just right shape and size.
- Then I stitched the tube and the elastic together and the tube and the briefs together.

A more thorough explanation and more pictures of the process on my blog here: The Perfect Pair of Panties

I made a sewing pattern from the finished product with the intention of sewing briefs for myself from scratch.On the other side....this was a quick and rather easy projet. And next time I went to that supermarket they had  minus 50% on these briefs, and then an added minus 40% on all textiles. They were too cheap not to buy.
And this way I don't have to sew the briefs themselves, including that rather difficult double fabric crotchpiece, and the leg openings.

So I did. I bought 12 pairs. And here you go:

Here you go internet, watch my brand new knickers ;-).


Chickie Walsh said...

Very cool and very cute too!

jennifer elliott said...

I love fabulous clearance deals! Great and colorful refashion!

g.satansbraten said...

Yes, I agree to the fullest: it's definitely NOT easy to find 'common sense' panties!
Whilst I had - hardly a year ago - still a lot of hard yakka as frequent 'wood worker' to do on my old property, I opted for wearing some mens undies back to front.
- the boy leg cut; better even: down tight (not uncomfy 'gargling') the thighs (with NO riding up like 'beautyfull' ones - grrrmpf)
- higher waist
- my behind fitted better into their 'value-box'
- most times better material-mix

LG, Gerlinde
with huuuuge admiration for your creations which seem tempting to me even without the excuse of wood works in the meantime!

jenny_o said...

How pretty, and they look comfy too. Love your sense of humour, Saga!