Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Bag Refashion

One evening. once I had finished my current sewing project. I looked around my sewing room, trying to figure out what to work on next. I had some big projects to work on, but none of those appealed to me at that moment. I wanted something small and quick. My eyes fell on this computer bag.

My aunt gave it to me several years ago for Christmas, a nice bag, but as I already had a computer bag (with a shoulder strap!) I've never used this one. That night I decided it needed a purpose.

My little sister has some stuff she must carry with her where ever she goes. To hold this stuff she needs a small purse-type bag with lots of pockets so nothing gets lost. The idea hit me, I could refashion this bag for my sister!

I cut it down in size, added some pockets, and did a little re-decorating to the outside of the bag. It came together just as I'd hoped!

My sister now has a bag with pockets for all of her stuff, and I no longer feel bad for not using this bag. I call that a successful refashion! Check out the post on my blog for the entire step-by-step process. (and if you go back a couple posts while you're there you can see pictures of all my new baby goats, things have been crazy around here!)

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Andrea said...

Way to find reuse for an unused gift! I'm sure your sister will love it :)

Andrea EOD