Friday, March 11, 2016

A dress refashioned twice, and how to attach a neck tie

I liked the dress, but I don't wear dresses much and I decided to give it a refashion. I love grey marl knit, and the print on it, for me, made it even prettier!

I also don't like the neckline. so I decided to chop off the hem, reshape the neck and give it a tie.

Finished! And then I didn't like this one either?

So I turned it into a shirt instead. For how to attach a neck tie to a top have a look at my blog, this had been the main purpose of the post! Or have a look to see how I reused the fabric to create my shirt.


Andrea said...

I love, LOVE, this fabric! the floral on gray knit is perfect! So glad you stuck with it until you've made a garment you like and will wear! Such great skill :)

Andrea EOD

Linda Wilson said...

Thanks,I'm pleased with the shirt and I'm wearing it today! The print is lovely.

Gema Ensenat said...

That's beautiful... I loved the 'mid-refashion' too, but your shirt-making skills are amazing, wonderful finish :)