Saturday, March 19, 2016

A laptop cozy

Okay, so there was this very strange vest I had - just check that weirdly shallow v-neck. It was so weird I couldn't stay still wearing it and considering its destiny. The initial idea was to transform it into a shirt, only it turned out it would be too short. Chopped, it ended up sitting around for a while. 

Finally, I got a new laptop, and I sure wasn't buying a sleeve for it! So I turned to pieces of the old vest. As the vest was weirdly tailored, I had to piece the sleeve from several parts, rather then being able to make it out of a single piece of fabric. But never mind! It fits like a glove!

It fits like a glove!

Warm and cushy inside...
There are still a few pieces left so I see some other gadgets get dressed in scraps of this old&ugly vest.

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Peace and love,


RePurposeFul said...

I love this!! It's genius :) Making something you need out of something you don't = my kind of creativity :)

Carissa said...

Nice use of the cushion-y quilted fabric to protect your new laptop! I'm not sure this would technically fit our definition of a refashion, as outline on our guidelines page, as it's not really a "wearable" item. But we'll say it's close enough to a purse to qualify. Please make sure your next project is a wearable item though. :)