Friday, March 04, 2016

Celtic Knot T-Shirt Headband

March is here in all it's leprechaun glory. 
Time to get out those old green t-shirts and make some cute celtic knot headbands.

To see the entire tutorial click here.

Happy refashioning!


Catherine1216 said...

This is so cute - and just perfect for St. Patrick's day.

Carissa said...

Great idea for a quick and easy project! And perfect for spring and summer!


Denise Krevitski said...

Saw this headband on Pinterest. Seems easy to most people. Unfortunately I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm & a stroke a few yrs ago. I was very crafty until that fateful day. i went from hair down to mid back to nothing but peachfuzz. it was ok cause i didn't know it was missing. Ended up loving no hair. today it has grown back same length but im constantly losing headbands. i do a pony, then wrap to a bun, wrap that with hairtie, then the hband. cant find anything that works for me. wear glasses so hard plastic w teeth hurt ears, tried stretchy plastic w teeth but fall out, i like fabric it catches sweat but none have teeth. tried making the celtic knot from tshirt but 3 hrs & couldn't get past step 1. couldnt figure out if shirt was folded in half or just laid flat. old shirt so started cutting & destroyed it. a 2 yr old could cut better than me.Could u plz explain the how the shirt lays b4 cutting. Thanks for any help u can give. My kids, family & friends r too busy to help me & living alone I'm all the help i have. Thanks so much. Not sure how i got on this site, just found pinterest last week. Have a problem typing/talking, i forget to stop. ha