Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dress Refashion From Vintage Bed Linens!!

I have been inspired by a number of sewing bloggers to sew again from patterns.  So I am going to make my own dress from a pattern using vintage bed linens.  I was lucky enough to thrift this bedskirt with the large centre panel from Value Village for $3.99 after a 50% off discount.  It is a cotton blend with beautiful colours and pattern.  I don't know how old the linens are, but the tag says made in Canada, so that's cool in it's self.
I used my seam ripper to remove the side panel which was one long strip of fabric half a metre wide.  The centre panel is almost 1 metre by 2 metres of fabric.  Then I hit the fabric store for a pattern.  I found this beautiful vintage inspired pattern from Butterick Lisette and will be making it in size 18 with some adjustments for my length of skirt.  It cost way more than anything else at $18.99 and with a zipper for $3.99, and thread that I inherited from my mom, I was ready to go.
I cut the pieces out that I didn't need the width or a fold for from the narrow panel and the skirt pieces from the centre panel.  Then I began assembling it.
Here is the bodice together.  I love the gathers at the bodice.  I am going to change the pattern a bit and put box pleats and pleats in the skirt instead of gathers to have it lay flatter and not accentuate my 23 year post-baby belly.  It was a pretty easy pattern to follow and here is the end result.  With only a little cursing involved with the insertion of the hidden zipper.  Damn those things.  But this time it went off without any real hitches.  Amazing!!  Thanks to Lauren from and Linda from for the great tips and advice on hidden zipper insertion!!
What do you think?  My daughter says the print is a little childish, but I love it.  The colours, the print, everything about it.  But then again I am a little childish.  Let me know what you think?  Check out my blog at  Cheers, Michele


Chickie Walsh said...

I love it! Great job!

Claudia said...

I think the dress looks great! It's great that the sheet was big enough to make it. I'm going to have to keep my eyes out at my local VV for such sheets. The print alone is fantastic (despite what your daughter might think).

jennifer elliott said...

Great refashion. I tried looking at your blog, but the link didn't work. :(

Melissa Lin said...

Love the floral print!

Queen Of Rods said...

I love this fabric, and you did a beautiful job on the dress :)

Louise said...

I love this dress and I hope that you feel utterly fabulous when you wear it.
I respectfully disagree with your daughter about the print; I think it looks summery and this nearly 40 year old would love to own such a great dress.

RePurposeFul said...

Love! The bodice is fabulous :) I love using sheets for fabric, I have a whole stash from the thrift store. The print is so happy and I think you did a terrific job!

RePurposeFul said...

I was just looking at your post again and wanted to say -- I really like the fabric! :)

Tami Lee said...

I love the fabric-I've never seen a bedskirt that has fabric used in the wide panel that sits under the mattress before. What a great score and the dress looks fabulous.

Carissa said...

Love the fabric! Love the vintage style! Love the peekaboo triangle at the collar! Love everything about this dress!!!


Michelle Paganini said...

Beautiful choice for the dress style