Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Plaidness pt. 2

So, I don’t know about you, but my NCAA Tournament bracket was busted in the 1st round when dang Michigan St. lost!  Despite this early loss in my work bracket competition, I still want to pay homage to the tourney with my second and final March Plaidness look. Take a look at my first run at March Plaidness.
Queue the too long plaid skirt:
Plaidness 2 - befores
I procured this skirt from ebay for $9.99, plus $3.45 shipping. I can hear you thinking, “Whoa, Jess, that’s a lot for one old skirt.” .Well, this skirt is an authentic Pendleton Woolen Mills skirt, see:
Plaidness 2 - tag
They are local and practically THE authority in all things wool, so I just HAD to make it mine! However, I guess it turns out I didn't know what "virgin wool" was like. It's a little weird. Feels a bit like a polyester/wool blend, but I can't argue with the tag.  Actually, I CAN argue with the tag. Can you see the size on this?  It says 12.  This is not a current size 12. So I guess, yea! for vintage and yea! that it actually fits. I would say the actual size is a today's version of an 8. Big difference.
All I needed to do was take the length up on this skirt, so it was cutting time!
Plaidness 2 - removing length
As I've said before, a nice even lined pattern really makes cutting length easy! I just found the spot on my legs where I wanted it to hit and marked it. Then I went about 1/2 inch down to allow for the hem.
Here is the amount I removed, not a ton, but enough to update it:
Plaidness 2 - cutting along the line
Then it was time for hemming! I just folded and pinned along the pattern line.
Plaidness 2 - sewing hem
I once again used the clear thread for this thick multi-colored fabric.
If you recall from the first March Plaidness, I refashioned a top to go with it. You know, this one:
Plaidness 2 - white top
I figured, why not use the same top with this second iteration.
Plaidness 2 - afters
Paired with my pointy black pumps, it was a great outfit for the first 70+ degree day of 2016 in Portland!
By the way, see that pocket I am using? It is actually a faux-pocket. I've never seen this before, but it is really just an opening where it buttons up, so it appears to match the actual pocket on the other side. When I stick my hand in the "pocket," I am actually touching my lower stomach. So weird!!
Final comparison:
Plaidness 2 - final comparison
May your day be filled with sunshine and purposeful pockets!
To see the extended version of this post, including the history of the skirt's tartan, check out my blog: 


Marisa Glied said...

LOVE this! Super classy looking! And the short sleeves on that blouse really update it! Awesome job!


Jessica Richey said...

Thank you so much, Marisa!

Carissa said...

I love these two refashions together! And you're not the only one weirded out by those faux-pocket style closures.