Monday, March 14, 2016

Plus Size Refashion - Upsizing

Plaid Skirt Refashion - Upsizing
I'm a plus size woman (size 16/18).  When I first started playing around with refashioning clothes it drove me CRAZY that plus size refashions were so hard to find.  Sure you could take something too big and cut it down smaller, but how do you make smaller garments larger?

I felt like there needed to be a change so and I decided to become the change I sought!  I've done a couple of other upsize refashions.  This is just the latest.

Turns out making clothes, especially skirts and dresses, larger is easy once you know what to do.

Ankle length plaid skirt

Cut off the too small parts

Add elastic for a tea length skirt!
So easy!

I have lot of other plus size refashions on my blog:

I give lots of tips and tricks for making clothes larger whether you're plus size or not.


Catherine1216 said...

How clever.

Melissa Lin said...

Great problem solving!

Minnado said...

That is a great idea.

Debbie EOD

jenny_o said...

There is a great need for upsizing ideas - this is an excellent tip!

Holly said...

Wonderful- great job! I am also plus size and appreciate your post, thank you for inspiring me to get going on my pile of such skirts :) Although there can be creative and great results, I hate to see those "this was ridiculously huge!!!" posts, a "before" photo with a tiny woman inside a skirt, etc. with a horrified look on her face, then the after photo where she's chopped it down and added it to her collection of 200 skirts. I love all the inspiration and talent I see in so many posts, but would love for those who have more options in their size to consider before buying something at a thrift store to significantly downsize, consider whether the clothing item would work great for someone in the size it was made for. I would ask them, unless viscerally drawn to a fabric that they haven't seen the likes of anywhere else, if something would work great for someone as it is, leave it for them. Not many great plus-sized pieces out there, sadly.

Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

Dear Unknown,
I could not agree more!

For plus size fashion inspiration I look to the Plus Size Princess Cece Olisa. She doesn't refashion clothes (she shops retail) but she's inspired A LOT of the things I make. There are tons of styles that I thought "fat girls don't wear THAT!" Then Cece showed me how to make tons of styles look GREAT. She also inspired me to wear things with confidence.

Until Cece learns to sew, i'll keep doing as many plus size refashions as I can. We (the big girls) need them.

Be Well!