Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Using a kimono bargain to create a 70's blouse!

This was one of those bargain buys that had a good amount of fabric in it, ready for a refashion.

I wanted to use a vintage pattern that I have used once before, but I didn't quite have enough fabric in this kimono to fit in all the pieces?? So for a tutorial on how to make a full sleeve narrower, if you, like me, want to use a specific body shape, and are determined to make it all fit in to a limited fabric piece, have a look at my blog here

I love this piece of fabric, it really reminds me of the 70's!

And that collar shape, so of the time.


whatthesew said...

Love this re-make, the fabric is fabulous.

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you. It is very 70s.

Carissa said...

The fabric is just perfect for the style of blouse! Great job!