Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Shirt summer dress

We have had sunny weather for the last few days. The temperatures is still around freezing, but the sunny weather inspired me to make a summer dress.
I used a mens' button up shirt in an awesome fuchsia colour (that my camera didn't care to catch) and a light blue strappy top.

- I removed the sleeves from the shirt and cut the body of the shirt right below the collar.
- I fitted the skirt part to my waist and hips. Experience has taught me to adjust to my waist not only by taking in at the sides, but also by making indsnit (I just can't remember the english word. Help. You pinch a small portion of the fabric and sew vertical to better the fit of something) at the back, to fit it better to my behind.
- I cut the light blue top a bit shorter and sewed the top and the lower parts together.
- Lastly I made a wide belt/sash from one of the sleeves and the upper back.

The posture: How To Hide Bra Straps.
The sash makes the difference in making this kind of Franken-dress work for me. Especially when using a stretch fabric and a non-stretch fabric the seam can look...too homemade. The sash makes for a better looking finish.

Hold da kæft, I have insanely pale legs right now *LOL*.

I want to make some sort of shoulder cover, sleeves or embellishment out of the remaining shirt sleeve. I don't care for visible bra straps (and I never wear strapless bras). Also the bold colour of the lower part of the dress makes the upper part of my body a bit "invisible". Still thinking about what to make.


Vintagethrifter51 said...

Love the fuchsia colour of the skirt, great refashion. You did a great job on this dress. Cheers Michele

Jennifer B said...

The English word you're looking for in place of "indsnit" is "dart". Your dress turned out great, by the way.

Susan Evans said...

I like indsnit!

cfortin said...

Your new skirt looks really cute.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Marisa Glied said...

Wow! Very impressive refash! Super pretty!