Saturday, March 05, 2016

Weird Tiger Tee

 Started with this kids shirt... way too small for me but I loved the tiger!

Cut it open, cut off the little sleeves and added lace, turning into this loose fitting tank...
 Side view! Sooo I've worn it a couple of times and I actually love it, but the feedback I have gotten is "wow that shirt is weird" "yeah, but does it look good?" "I don't even know how to evaluate... it looks weird" and assorted similar comments.
So I am assuming it is a failed experiment and does not look right. BUT - I actually kinda like it.

Try to "save" it? (Suggestions?) Toss it? Redo the whole thing? Leave it as is and keep loving my "weird" style? Let me know what you think!


Saga said...

I like it.
And I could imagine it in a fancy fashion magazine on a skinny model wearing black high waist jeans and a black tube bra underneath.
But if people aren't used to see such avant-garde clothing (on you) maybe it seem far out to them.
What is more important: Do you like it?

jenny_o said...

I don't find it weird at all. I have quite conservative taste, and I like this piece - it's pretty normal looking to me, but with nice details. I especially like the lace straps.

Does it look significantly different on you, compared to on your dress form? If not, I am perplexed as to why anyone would think it weird!

Queen Of Rods said...

I really like the way that the front of the shirt looks. The lace strap extensions are great. It's hard to tell from the photo what the sides look like, since you're not wearing it....but I'm sure that it works well with the changes on the front and back. I think that you should wear it proudly. It's a great refashion :)

I Can Work With That said...

Love it. Ignore the haters.

Carissa said...

I don't think it's weird either. In fact, I think it's a brilliant way to up-size a kids' top. Great job!


alyrocco said...

I quite like this. The gold lace ties in so nicely with the design of the tiger.... what a great idea for a kids shirt transformation.

I could see something like this selling in an upscale fashion clothing store.

Nina said...

Guys thanks so much for the feedback! I took your comments and it urged me to go wear it again, and a couple people said that is was a "high fashion" style so I was pretty pleased. And as you say too, I like it! So that's what matters. thank you <3