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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Clubbing in your 30's

Over the weekend, for the first time in many months, my book club convened!  It was a very busy fall and winter and we went on an extended hiatus, which I am sure we will do our best NOT to repeat.  It can be difficult to bring 11 hard working women/moms/wives together sometimes.

A number of my fellow book club ladies have been so kind to express their appreciation of this blog, so I DEFINITELY had to throw a refashion together to wear to our meeting.
I went with this fuchsia linen/rayon number:
Pink tank - befores
I obtained this size-18 tank dress from the Salvation Army for $0.69! Every Saturday and Sunday anything with the tag color of the week is only 69 measly cents! Unfortunately, by the weekend there is not a lot left, but if you aren't too discerning about size, you can still find some gems!
The first step was to throw it over The Body and pin it up:
Pink tank - pinned on body
Getting this off of The Body was tough. I definitely lost a number of pins in the process. Luckily, they left little pin holes, so it was pretty easy to replace them before sewing.
Speaking of which:
Pink tank - sewing side
I still needed to take in the darts a bit, to prevent some bagginess in the chest area.
I decided to wing it:
Pink tank - sewing dart
It went okay, I would have taken in more, if I didn't need to still pull it over my head.
Next up, the hem. I did a rough estimate of the amount to remove when I tried it on, so I measured and chopped a similar number of inches.
Pink tank - cutting length
Then I pinned it with an inch-ish hem...I'm so precise. :) I am sure you actual seamstresses can't even handle my loose attitude towards measurement. 
Pink tank - pinned hem
I sewed up the hem and that was it!  I was ready for book club!
Paired with my bow belt and Gucci jellies, it was a great ensemble for a warm spring day!
Pink tank - afters
It was so nice to see all the ladies again and I am looking forward to a shorter break between meetings this time around.
Final comparison:
Pink tank - final comparison
See the extended version, and my uncertainty over what to do with the side zipper, on my blog:


KD said...

Unbelievable! What a transformation! You are so clever, and you look so chic!

Claire Cooper said...

Very cute and a great colour too.

jennifer elliott said...

Love it! A fantastic find for 69 cents.

Andrea said...

Such a cute dress, and the price!!! Love how this turned out. Thanks for posting!

Andrea EOD

RePurposeFul said...

Holy Moly, I just love this!! Very inspiring :) It looks so fabulous on you.... but, I have to say I really liked the socks in the first picture... hahaha

Jessica Richey said...

Thanks so much everyone! Those are statement socks. ;)