Thursday, April 14, 2016


There are many treasures to be found at the Goodwill bins. You may remember me detailing my first experiences there in my post Binning, Winning and Buttoning up for Easter.
One of the items I picked up were these super-cool coveralls!:
Coveralls - befores
Okay, so maybe they aren't super-cool, but they ARE coveralls and they cost less than $1.
I used a familiar technique for this one, I laid my Canvas the area dress over the top of the coveralls, to pin around as pattern.
Coveralls - with dress overlay
Then, since the olive dress did not have legs, I used my best fitting pair of pants and pinned around them. Yes, I had been wearing them at the time:
Coveralls - with pants overlay
I started at the bottom of the leg and worked my way up.
Coveralls - sewing up legs
Then did the inside of the legs and through the crotch area, then finished with the shoulders. didn't fit. At all. I took in WAY too much. I didn't really think it was possible, but I forgot to factor in the stretch in the jeans and the lack of stretch in the coveralls' polyester. 10lbs of sausage in a 5lb casing. Not pretty!
I did a lot of seam ripping and re-sewing. 
Coveralls - removing leg stitches
But ultimately, the hot jumpsuit idea I had, was scrapped. The legs got the frustration chop:
Coveralls - removing legs
So now I had shorts:
Coveralls - shorts
Ugh. It looks like some sort of child's play-outfit.  I only had one option left. More seam ripping and hemming followed. 
And ta-da!  I was done. 
Coveralls - afters
See the whole process, including errors in dyeing and how NOT to make a jumpsuit, on my blog: Hems and HaHa's
Final comparison: 
Coveralls - final comparison


Chickie Walsh said...

I have struggles like this too. But the dress is cute!

g.satansbraten said...

Hmmm, I've got the strange feeling, you/we overlooked some different - means additional - 'entry/exit' on the overall-idol means on the Katniss Everdeen jumpsuit !?
Here in Australia I noticed on a lot of second hand garments from opportunity shops the following: ONE official visible closure and at times SEVERAL other secretly usable 'entries/openings'( to aid ease of at least to get into the garment ^^) to make the garments looking really really figure-hugging, when they were not stretchy.

Food for thoughts in the future?
Get started, Jessica - you're not a 'sausage-look-alike'
And please don't forget: some garments are never ever useful to move even HALFway normal in them = YOUR quirkiness* in something the like needs at least heaps of stretch - mho.

Loving greetings, Gerlinde

* at least due to those lively and cheery pic's of you when showing your creations - LOVE them !

PS: sorry, was too stupid to find out how to comment on your blog; means: writing there - yes; sending, to be visibly readable - no!

Marisa Glied said...

Turned out nice! Good job!


alyrocco said...

This is really cute! Great transformation. : )

J said...

Turned out cute! I can so relate to the frustration chop! That made me laugh : )

Lovenicky said...

Wow I love the dress! I love that you didn't give up and tried and tried again to make it work. The result is awesome!

Carissa said...

What a drastic before and after! Love it!