Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Deep Purple

I bought this deep purple cardigan with multiple flounces and frills, from my local charity shop for just £1.

I liked the colour, I liked the price, and I liked the fact that it didn't look worn at all.  There was just a bit too much frilly stuff.

I de-frilled the cuffs, a pretty straightforward exercise.

I decided to close the opening and convert it into a jumper by making a fake button border from denim and ribbon.

More pictures and info here


Andrea said...

Really flattering! I love the after, and agree that it needed a bit of de-frilling ;) And the color is pretty. Good save!

Andrea EOD

RePurposeFul said...

Nice job! You give very good points on why you bought it - great things to keep in mind, thanks! A huge improvement!!