Friday, April 15, 2016

Disappointment Turns Sweet!

Happy Spring Day Everyone, it finally feels rejuvenating!

On that note, I am feeling quite excited about my latest Refashion Project... and once again wishing I had made it to fit me... (sigh) 

I started with thrifted pieces, as usual... A tank, pillowcase and T-shirt...  Said goodbye to the ruffle on the bottom of the tank, and cut the pillowcase and T-shirt into matching wedges.

 I didn't like the way the wide section of beige looked, so I took the leftover pieces of the pillowcase, and put them in the middle... much nicer :)

 Next it was time to sew all those panels together... Now it's looking like a skirt :)

 Okely Dokely... now I get to attach the top...

 So excited to put it on the dress form and see how it looks!!!   Aaauuuggghhhhh, it looks awful!  --- so dumpy and shapeless!  OK, time to walk away... take a day or two to consider what to do... does anybody else do this??

My self-imposed ban from my workroom worked!  Sleeping on it, and considering what to do next, I came up with what I thought would really help this frumpy frock...

I cut the neckline down the center about 5"... Made little plackets out of leftover scraps to cover each side, sewed buttonholes on each, and used matching satin ribbon for a tie.

 I then used the ruffle I cut off the tank earlier to make tie backs on each side of the waist, and Voila!  Now, I'm happy with my newest ReFashion :)


Marisa Glied said...

Good idea to take a break!! It totally worked! The end result is beautiful!!


g.satansbraten said...

Yep, muuuch better outcome.
The 'drop-waist' wouldn't have been a bad idea either, YET hiding the dividing seam with a contrasting belt didn't work - mho. This despite this usually being the best attempt to tie together a material mix - something was missing.
The current tie/belt even at the front/ side might shift a few proportion even towards 'new views' ?

LG, Gerlinde
sending over a cup of tea (helpful 'thinking-aid' as well ;-) !), since 'a mug of sleep' is currently something I'd rather order from an on-line-sale myself IF it would be possible.
Somebody in and good with an business-idea the like, since I can hear a choir of others surely joining in to my request - at least some times :-D ?!

Lovenicky said...

What a lovely rework! I do that sometimes too when I just couldn't think straight - a good night sleep tends to help me solve problems the next day too.

Carissa said...

My projects go into "time-out" all the time to give them a chance to think about what they've done. I'm glad you came back to this one. I love the addition of the lace-up plackets!