Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dress With A Purpose

Hello, HoffiCoffi here.

I made a top. View A Butterick B6182 to be exact, which is a Lisette pattern.

I love its cropped, boxy style but it did present me with a bit of a problem.  As somone of a certain age and a certain size I am not a regular crop top wearer.  I like to be covered up pretty much and I wondered if I should make a high waisted skirt to wear with this short top.  Then I remembered I had this....

It was 99 pence on Ebay - I was the only bidder.  I loved the colour and I loved the pleats and if I kept it as a dress to wear under my new top I would be midriff mishap free.

I took the sleeves off the dress to make it sleeveless - but I forgot to take a photo of the original sleeves - they were short but they stuck out beneath the top.  Also the neckline was a problem.. 

I didn't want the neckline of the dress to show under the top so I reshaped it - with the help of the Butterick pattern and a french curve.

The altered neckline above.

As you can see it is now nicely hidden away.

Here is a photo of the altered dress.  Not very exciting in its own right but it has an important job to do.

It lets a middle age woman wear an untucked, cropped top without fear of showing off midriff... matter how crazy she gets. :)


john Brent said...

Your outfit is very cool...
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Catherine1216 said...

What a fun and usable refashion. Love the after.

Chickie Walsh said...

Love the colors!

jennifer elliott said...

Nice job. I'm not young enough or have the shape for the midriff trend.

Jennifer, EOD