Thursday, April 07, 2016

First Time Refashioners Takes the Plunge

First Refashion Ever
A newby seamstress and refashion virgin friend showed up at my house on Sunday wanting make a dress.

We decided to start with a very simple project.  Turn a skirt and blouse into a dress.

The Step by Step in on my Blog:

This project took less than an hour and my friend was very happy with the results!

I usually do plus size refashion and refashions for pets.  Turns out doing a size 12 human refashion was pretty fun!


akmal niazi khan said...

Girls fashion and their age are always inversely proportional. You have fantastic stuff on this blog that keep the girls young and beautiful with you fashion tips. Being a fashion artist I really appreciate your efforts and work.
Love from Royal Lady

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing this first timers refashion! Definitely a good way to start by combining two garments! We love before and after shots around here (which half of the time I forget because I get scissor happy), but its pretty clear what the before garments looked like. Let her know she did an awesome job!

Andrea EOD