Thursday, April 14, 2016

from my big man to my little man

Do you often attack your husband's wardrobe like I do?
Well, I actually didn't have to this time, he volunteered to handle me this pair of jeans. They weren't that old, but he got slimmer and they didn't fit anymore. After a while in my to-be-refashioned-pile, I finally found a use for them and turned them into a new pair of jeans for my little man. My son is nearly 2 year old and it still is easy to turn daddy jeans into toddler jeans, I find it harder to do so for my daughter though. Pattern pieces don't often fit properly in the fabric I have to use. So, let me refashion from dad to son while it still is possible. 

For this pair, I used the Walker Jeans pattern by Momma Quail Patterns... and I love it.  If you want to read more about this refashion/pattern, please click here. 


Chickie Walsh said...

So cute! It's like an heirloom.

Lovenicky said...

I love doing this too with my hubby's castoffs: jeans, chinos, shirts, sweaters, etc. Luckily my son doesn't care what I give him to wear. My daughter, however, is mighty picky to dress!

Carissa said...

So adorable! Great job!


Magda E. said...

Thank you everyone.
Lovenicky, my kids don't care what I make them either, both of them, the problem refashioning pants is that sometimes we need bigger pieces to fit and they don't, so refashioning from adults from bigger kids is not always possible, or easy at least.