Friday, April 15, 2016

Leap Day Oops: Part 2

For Leap Day this year I made a light jacket that I absolutely love. Remember?

Well, I still had the entire skirt of this dress left over as a scrap... I love the material so much, so I made a super quick kimono.

Going for a cocoon shape this time...
I sewed at the white dotted lines, cut the entire (top) scrap piece down the middle, finished the raw edges and wore my new kimono out for a chilly Spring day.

2 very similar refashions, yes. Maybe too much of a good thing is good? ;) I can't decide which one I like better... so I'll just wear them both. Why not?

To see my tutorial on this Cocoon Kimono with more pictures and instruction, feel free to visit my original post.



Catherine1216 said...

Both look great, and although they use the same fabric, each has such a unique style that I would keep them both.

Accidental Seamstress said...

My thoughts, exactly ;) Thanks, Catherine.

Marisa Glied said...

Not too much of a good thing at all! They both are very awesome! Great job!


g.satansbraten said...

Nothing wrong with your idea to wear/keep them both; I'd do the same!

LG, Gerlinde

Lovenicky said...

Incredible refashions! The 2 pieces look different enough for you to keep them both!

Carissa said...

I love kimonos! They're such an easy thing to refashion from a large skirt, especially when there are so many ugly skirts out there with lovely fabric. Great job!