Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's do black....

My refashion pile of clothes has been getting out of control lately.  I throw things in the pile if something doesn't fit me right, needs to be repaired or is too boring.  Over the weekend I dug through it and pulled out anything that was dark in color and could be sewn with black thread.  For some reason, changing the color thread feels like a big pain in the booty and it deters me from sewing sometimes.

I pulled out 9 pieces of clothing and got to work.  One shirt and one pair of pants were beyond my refashion skills and will be donated.  Another shirt looked just fine to me as is;  I can't remember why I threw it into the refashion pile.  Another skirt's hem was repaired, a black shirt perfect for work just needed a little help to keep the front modest.

The two best project took some boot-cut yoga pants, slimming them down and then using the scraps from the yoga pants to create wider straps for a tank top.

I felt productive getting all that black out of my pile and into my closet/ donate pile....let's see what color's up next!

What are your tricks for keeping the refashion pile at bay?
These yoga pants were so wide that I would trip on them! I used the striped leggings as a pattern to sew my new seams.
black tank top
Originally, this tank top had very thin straps poorly placed. I created thick straps using the scraps from the yoga pants.

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vintagevogue said...

I feel that way too, about changing the thread color. Good idea for organizing/motivating!

Refashion said...

Sometimes just small changes can make a great and wearable refashion.

Debbie EOD

jenny_o said...

I have frequently put off sewing because the thread needs changing. I'm going to try out your idea for doing everything at once for each colour. You got a lot done!

Valerie said...

Count me in the crowd of people who let changing the thread color stop her from starting work! Silly us! We embark on these giant sewing projects that can take hours, but let a 1-minute task stop us in our tracks!

Something that helps me keep my Projects collection from growing out of hand is to rotate it. I actually keep my future refashions in 4 locations, and the one closest to the sewing machine is the stuff that's already in progress, or I feel I'm most likely to start on soon. Then if it's been a while since I've felt like working on anything, I start going through my other piles, moving the stalled projects to a more out-of-the-way location and putting fresh stuff out where I can see it. Sometimes inspiration hits!

Chickie Walsh said...

I am so glad you mentioned how changing the thread color makes you want to stop sewing. If the bobbin runs out, I take it as a personal insult.
"How could you let me down like this?"
Anyway, the refashion pile does grow and grow, I will try the sew by color method.
The tank straps are great!