Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Luck of the Irish dress...bad luck

I'll keep this short. Last March, I had a problem with a green dress that I was attempting to refashion for a St. Patrick's Day outfit. I was not successful. (Sad trombone sound) Luckily, I had something that would be an easy fix for this year.
There's the before; a deep green spandex-y thing. Thanks, Goodwill! I'll just take it in a bit, and then I'll wear it. Surely, it won't lead to a big ordeal...
Here's a little timeline of the neck/bust line problem. At first, it was sewn up all wonky to begin with. Then, I attempted to fix it but made a tangled mess of thread and fabric. Then, I cut the problem area off with a pair of scissors.
After trying various pieces of other articles of clothing to cover that hole, I actually went to one of my thrift stores and purchased something just for this. It was now officially an ordeal.
I found that jeweled thing! I hand sewed it on! After putting it under the sewing machine several dozen times and then adding a belt in an effort to do some sort of color block look, I was done.
I think it has an old time-y charm.
See the full post on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die along with more tales of woe!


Catherine1216 said...

It is very pretty. I love that shade of green on you.

Andrea said...

Oh the neckline foibles I have had..........not fun, but you overcame! Love this green on you and so glad it worked out!

Andrea EOD