Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Patch Job

Hey there!

So... This is honestly the only thing I've done in weeks. I've been avoiding sewing. There, I said it. Having to run back and forth between 2 rooms to do anything has really sucked the joy out of this hobby.
I'm excited to say that I have a NEW job (same place as before, but in a different department) and they need me to work in-office, not at home. SO, I'm going to (politely) beg my husband to help me put my sewing space back together the way it was before <3 I can feel myself getting creative again already.

So in the meantime, here's the sad little project I managed to work on two weeks ago. I'll be back to my former glory in no time!

I have a major obsession with open-front cardigans. This little one developed a hole, and even though I only use it at home typically, there's no reason for me to wander around in things with holes. So I cut out this little group of flowers from an old shirt my BFF sent me. It's MUCH bigger than the hole but I wanted it to looks like a design element, not a patch!

The hole being covered. Much classier!

A lot of you might recognize these designs from that dress-to-tank top refashion I did a while ago. This cardi had a grease stain on the sleeve that a) was super obvious and b) would not come out. It's under the top patch, but again I added an extra patch to make it look a little more intentional

Note to self: When sewing around that many corners and tiny edges, make it easier by fusing it on with some iron-on webbing or something first. This took way more cussing than I want to admit. 

Now I can get my office back together and get on with my sewing life!


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cfortin said...

Love the patchwork. Good luck putting your office back together.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab