Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Refashioning a vintage top with a bit of guilt!

This was a tricky refashion, not in the refashioning itself, but in the fact that it was a vintage top, bought at a vintage fair, by my daughter, and it was a lovely style as it was. The idea of chopping it up was making me feel guilty?

However the damage to the underarm area, on both sides was pretty disgusting! So I eventually decided it had to go. My daughter wouldn't wear it as it was, nor would I and it was actually a bit too big... luckily!

I had to reuse the waistband and buckle, because the buckle was particularly pretty. I cut of the sleeves and the offending underarm pieces and reshaped the side seams.

The sleeve was a very full shape, so from them I managed to cut the bias binding strips, to finish the armholes. I wanted to lengthen the entire top and had enough sleeve fabric for these shaped pieces. If you would like a look at the whole story, have a look here. 

This is the before.

And the after. I reused the waistband and made it into a self fabric belt so that I could keep the pretty buckle. I reused the buttons. If it ever gets warm enough, I'm looking forward to wearing this top.


RePurposeFul said...

Beautiful! I love the new style - it works great with that gorgeous vintage fabric.

Claudia said...

Love the updated styling, and it's better to refashion something so that it works for you than to fetishize the whole vintage thing and never wear it. Nice work! And yes, I, too, am wondering if it'll ever get warm again.

vintagevogue said...

It looks great! And it still looks vintage. Better than the original in my opinion.

jenny_o said...

This is lovely - the material is beautiful and the new shape is more becoming.

Lovenicky said...

So beautiful! One would never know that it had been refashioned!

Carissa said...

No guilt necessary! You did a wonderful job refashioning this top while maintaining - even enhancing - its vintage style.


Linda Wilson said...

Thank you for the comments. I really couldn't have such a pretty vintage print not being worn again.