Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sparkles, Owls, and Wagon Wheels: Skirt to Dress Refashion

It was a sister day. Just me and my little sister. A trip to the fabric store, the library, and finally the thrift store. Thread for me from the fabric store, a couple dozen books for my sister from the library, and then there was this skirt at the thrift store.

My sister found it, fell in love with it, and begged me to get it for her and turn it into a dress. I agreed.

The sparkles and owls perched on wagon wheels were just too much for a girl to say no too.
Thus the skirt came home. My sister suggested I just add ribbon straps to it, but no. I had another plan. The waistband of the skirt got chopped off.

I cut out a yoke for the dress from what was left of the not-gold-lace shirt, sewed it together, and attached it to the skirt.

Then my sister had her dress!

For the step-by-step process and more pictures, check out my blog!



Chickie Walsh said...

I love this. And it looks so pretty on your young model.

jennifer elliott said...

Lovely! At first I thought the owl looked like a skull! But once my b old eyes adjusted to the pic I saw the cute little owl! You're such a great big sister to turn a skirt into a dress for her. Great refashion!

Jennifer, EOD