Thursday, April 07, 2016

TBT: Peach Kimono

This refashion dates WAY back to my blog's humble inception in 2013. To this day, it remains one of my all-time favorites.

I cut the dress in half and made the kimono from the skirt. I followed Leanne Barlow's tutorial here that we've all seen all over pinterest :)

It's an easy tutorial. The most novice and advanced seamstresses alike can follow this.

A year after I made this kimono, I wore it for a photo shoot with my photographer Nedra Hollingsworth. 

I wish she could do ALL my "After" shots :)

 I still wear this kimono on a regular basis. I just love it so much. In fact, this was one of the refashions I used as my "audition" to get into Refashion Runway 3 last summer.

To see my original 2013 blog post complete with my non-professional after photos (A real #ThrowBackThursday treat, believe me!), click here.

Happy Throw Back Thursday!



Stef Weidert said...

That color is wonderful on you! I love when a refashion becomes a wardrobe staple!

Chickie Walsh said...


Andrea said...

Such a cute refashion, and with all of the amazing (easy) tutorials out there its such a great starter project. Thanks for pulling it out of the vaults to share! Love the color and print, too.

Andrea EOD