Friday, April 15, 2016

Wild Wild West

Since my last project was such an epic failure, I thought I would re-share a past refashion that turned out lovely. : )

I was invited to a Wild West Most Wanted themed Hitchin' (wedding), and needed a 20s style saloon dress. So I hit the thrift stores hoping to find something fun and glamorous to wear. Without success and time running out I decided I could sew something I found in the thrift store into something suitable to wear.

I started with an ugly velvet ruffly floor length skirt with lovely lace at the bottom. I pulled the skirt up above my chest, took it in a lot while giving it some shape, then I used the leftover lace from the bottom of the skirt to make a fun strappy back. Added some much needed accessories … and success!

The themed wedding was so much fun!



Marisa Glied said...

Very cute!!!


g.satansbraten said...

Thumbs up!
I had to do something the like a few years ago for a Gatsby-themed x-mass-party here.
Since I liked the material I later hung the frock 'high-low' version for nowadays more everyday use.

LG, Gerlinde
still giggling in memory of my 'wild looks' due to an additional pearl cap for accessory.
... and the '2 kg' necklaces for accessories were the FIRST items I discarded the moment I even entered the car after the event. Hubby having a giggle, when the last meters towards the car I pretend-acted 'crawling head down at hip hight' due to their weight (= not to be repeated since in this posture easy to step into the then further dangling down necklaces and providing a serious chance to end up nose down !)

Lovenicky said...

The after dress looks so lovely on you. One would never have guessed that it was an awkward looking skirt before!

Carissa said...

Fantastic! You look great in it too!