Saturday, May 28, 2016

Increased boob size #2 - Refashion FBA - Bodice side gussets

Another former refashion, that had become too little in the chest area.
When it still fit me:

I ripped it open in both sides with my seam ripper, approximately 10 cm (4") down.

I interted a piece of lace elastic, the same kind I used for the Grey dress.You can use a piece of matching or contrasting fabric, but I like the lace elastic of (at least) two reasons:
It makes the final result look on purpose, like the dress was always like that. With a fabric insert the result can look patchy or hippie-like, which is not my style.
And as the lace elastic is...elastic, it is a good helper in getting a good fit.

Now room for more in the bodice.

By the way, I also "refashioned" my dress from. I couldn't adjust it to match my new measurements, because I have quite a large difference between bust and underbust. I adjusted the dress form, so the underbust measurement was correct, and put a bra on "Linda", stuffed to match my bust measurement.


g.satansbraten said...

Thumbs up - nice rescue.

And yes I was thinking of 'adjusting dress form' as well, since I vaguely remembered having glimpsed one in your 'sewing paradise' .
The only thing I don't like with elastic lace as side inserts: the 'look through' if one wears a bra.
I think, I'd rather prefer 'patchwork-optic-risk' and try to incorporate more of the 'patch-version' elsewhere on the garment to try to make it look more 'tied together'/less patchwork'.

LG, Gerlinde

Carissa said...

Nice save! The elastic lace inserts look like they were always there!


Jean said...

I was just wondering if you are putting the elastic into both sides? Just a thought to make it look like it was made that way to begin with.