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Monday, May 30, 2016

Boob job #3 - Refashion FBA - Bodice side gussets

I continue to refashion former refashions, that have become to narrow in the chest area.
Before, when it still fit:

On his dress I opened the side seams all the way doen to the waist. It wasn't nessasary size-wise, but since the lace elastic was contrasting the fabric of the dress, I decided to make the lace a design element, rather than just use a little snip of it below the armpit. I also used my trusty lace elastic on this one.

After, from the front:

I love when redhaired people wear green clothes. The contrast is so beautiful. This cardigan have that "redhaired colour".

I also recently refashioned the cardigan. I forgot a before picture, but it was a short sleeve sweater with a large cowl/turtleneck. It simply cut it open down the middle and hemmed the edges. The sweater has slits with buttons at the sides. I removed the buttons and added them to the new cardigan front. And made buttonholes.


g.satansbraten said...

Smart cookie - concerning the design feature!

And I presume, your new bust-size requirements 'just' came on due to being mom with kids and hence muuuch more everyday 'necessity-sport' around the own house-perimeter?
I had something the like when I got my 'first own garden': breasts (= cup-size) did not actually size up but they 'perked up more solid', YET my under bust measurements/shoulder widths increased.
With menopause I suddenly learn about cup-sizes as well (lol)

Btw.: To mho you look more balanced now with your 'new' upper body measurements; means: worth every effort you put into the adjustment of your clothes!

Refashion said...

That is a great way to save a too small bodice. The lace insert adds interest too. I love the colour of the cardigan too.

Debbie EOD