Saturday, May 07, 2016

EcoFriendly Fashion is Creative and Fun!!

I'm really enjoying designing and creating One of a Kind clothing from cast off things!  Today's project was particularly satisfying for some reason...  Thought I'd share the process, step by step to show how easy and creative it can be :)
Again, I started with Thrift store scores:  T-shirts and Vintage sheets.

I just LOVE this color combo!

 I decided to start with the pale pink T-shirt -- I cut off the bottom 7", and cut off some of the width - this will be my waistband.

Pick Pick Pick.... :/

I sewed a basting stitch along the rough edge so that I could gather it... I made sure I gathered it to the same length as the waistband it was going to be attached to... then I ran it through my machine to hold the gathering in place before sewing it to the waistband.  After attaching the two pieces, I sewed around again with a zigzag stitch to hold down the seam, and prevent fraying from the woven sheet.

 Here is what I had at this point:

I could stop here, and have a cute short skirt... But I'm not comfy with short skirts anymore, sooooo.... I'll have to add another tier! :)  Cut two bands 5" wide from the green T-shirt, sewed them together and attached them to the floral tier... adding a hand pleat every 5" or so to make it fit just right...  I added a pretty little decorative stitching in pink, just for a little something extra :)

Just a little something cute :)

Aaaannnd, here you have it -- the (finished?) skirt.... well, maybe.... I'm already feeling like I need to do something else to it, hahaha!  And I probably will!  I'll let you know when I do!! :) :)

Have a fabulous day all!!


Queen Of Rods said...

The final green tier changes the skirt from nice to awesome :) Great job!

Carissa said...

I like how the floral print ties the pink and green solids together. Nice job!


Chickie Walsh said...

The green at the bottom is a great finish.

RePurposeFul said...

Thank you all so very much for your kind words!!!