Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kentucky Derby Dress Refash

DSCN0248This reminds me of a 1940's waitress uniform.
DSCN0324Demoved these silly little shoulder pads.
DSCN0325I placed a pin to show where I wanted my high-low dress to end.
DSCN0436I removed the white ruffle from the sleeves. (In my opinion it was too much).
DSCN0442Sewed a new rolled hem!
DSCN0444New sleeves!
DSCN0446Stitched up this hole that was in the waistline when I bought it.
DSCN0437Every Kentucky Derby dress deserves a hat, of course!
DSCN0447Removed the maroon ribbon.
DSCN0449Pretty fancy huh!?
I added white lilies, purple flowers, white floral ribbon, purple ribbon and stick-on gems.
I am proud to say my hat as as well as all the other additions I purchased at the $1 store!
DSCN0453The back!
DSCN0454The front! 
Happy Refashioning!!!
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Nina said...

sew cute!

jennifer elliott said...

Very cute! Love the hat!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD