Sunday, May 15, 2016

Layered Swimsuit

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This is the catalogue picture of the swimsuit I altered from Chadwick's of Boston.

Last year I changed the halter top into actual straps by sewing them down, hoping that it would give me a little bit more support.  (Plus halter tops always make me nervous with that little tie in the back that someone could untie in one second.) 

The straps were a small improvement.  Very small.  I still felt like the top was too low cut and getting sunburned in a low cut top makes me grumpy.  (I'm soooo sensitive to sun burning that I'd rather just wear clothes, even at the beach.)

The other day, one of my girls was running around the house, giggling, with a swimsuit down around her legs.  It was an a old bathing suit bottom that had lost all elasticity in the waist.   The tag said size 6 children, but there's no way that would fit anyone's bottom at my house.  Later that day, I found the sad, stretched out swim shorts on the floor.  I picked them up and almost threw them in the garbage before realizing it was perfect swimsuit (refashion) material.

I cut the longest hemmed section from the shorts and sewed it to my swim top.  Now it is not such a deep "V" neck; it looks like a layered swimsuit top.   I used some of the leftover fabric to make a pink flower shape on the skirt.

Thanks for reading about my swimsuit woes,
Love, Amy Jo @ The Little Moments


Chickie Walsh said...

I really like the colors together. I don't know why swimsuits are so low cut either. Nice job.

Carissa said...

Nice save! I love the extra little flower too!


P.S. I replaced your catalog pic with a link since it's against our rules to use other people's photos.

Laurinda said...

That was a great save, & I think the two colors look great together! I wanted to do a similar fix a few years ago, but I lacked the courage. Now, of course, I've outgrown that suit...