Saturday, May 21, 2016

Miss Lemon inspired blouse and a neat little method of binding

                                                              Before and after

I have been storing away coveted images of Miss Lemon, of Agatha Christie's Poirot fame, for a while now,
and recently I realised I had collected all the pieces I needed to make a blouse using my favourite of these images for inspiration.

One favourite image, one old unworn top with lacy collar, one sale maxi skirt, and a lot of old buttons.

I attached the neck binding in the same way as the manufactured blouse that I had just unpicked it from, it made a nice neat finish and I will definitely use this method of attaching binding again. For the full how to story for this blouse, have a look at my blog here. 


Chickie Walsh said...

This is a great blouse and I love your inspiration too.

Andrea said...

I love Miss Lemon!!! I just recently rewatched all of the Hercule Poirot seasons and am amazed at how much the actors they chose influence my vision of the characters when I reread the books :) This will always be my Miss Lemon! And great blouse! I love the choice of the crochet collar with the polka dot print.

Andrea EOD

Joy C said...

Wonderful job! Love the polkadot fabric 😃

Anielska Aniela said...

This refashion is wonderful
I like Miss Lemon as well ;-)

Therese said...

I do not know Miss Lemon but I do know that your blouse is adorable!

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you ladies. I love the clothing from this era and how the designers for these shows interpret them