Sunday, May 01, 2016

Oversized Patchwork Jacket

One of the worst things about riding a bike in cold weather is how the wind gets into the gap between the top of your pants and the bottom of your jacket. So I've been looking for the perfect jacket to wear while biking to solve this problem

On the one hand, this old extra-large hoodie I got in Virginia Beach was just the right length. But on the other hand, it was oversized and unflattering.

My first step was to detach the sleeves and reattach them after taking in the sides, which fixed the fit. This process is detailed in this blog post.

I wasn't thrilled with the lettering (the typographer in me cringes at the inconsistent spacing between letters), but I let it sit for a couple months because I wasn't sure what I could do to fix it.

Finally (after an unsuccessful attempt to just scrape the letters off), I decided to cover up the words with patchwork! For the whole process, read my blog!

Here I am modeling my new creation in a stylish and coordinating
pair of pajama pants!


RePurposeFul said...

What a creative and beautiful fix, love it!

Heidi said...


Carissa said...

Love the patchwork applique! Such a creative idea!


Chickie Walsh said...

I like how you covered the lettering. I hate logos.