Monday, May 02, 2016

Rainy Day Project

As I had the day to myself, I thought I would create a new ReFashion... sometimes I have a vague idea in mind, but often I have no idea what I'm going to do when I go up to my sewing room.  Today was one of those days... But when I walked in the room, I saw a thrifted pillowcase laying on my work table and knew I had to use it. I'd gotten it at my local thrift store for 49 cents, and it was just so unusual and pretty...I searched through my stash to find things that would go with it... and so it began :)

I decided I wanted a flared mid-length skirt with alternating wedge-shaped panels... so I cut the pillowcase into 5 panels, and found a pink T-shirt and cut it into 5 panels.  I proceeded to sew them together, forming the basis of my skirt...

I double seamed all the panels with a straight stitch and then a zigzag, then trimmed the seams with my pinking shears to limit fraying.

 Now I wanted to make a wide "waistband", but I'd used up the T-shirt for the panels, so back I went to my stash and found another pink T-shirt that would work.

I cut the bottom 10 inches off of it, and took it in a little... then I just sewed it to the top of my skirt section...

It needed some kind of finish on the bottom - both because the pillowcase sections were fraying, and I wanted a bit more structure to the skirt.  I rummaged again, and found the perfect answer - pink double fold bias tape!  Adding that to the bottom really gave me the look I was after :)

Something just didn't feel complete, so I put it on my dress form, and started playing around with sashes, ribbon, trims etc...  I think I found the perfect solution :)  What do you think?

Thanks so much for checking out my new project!  And, as always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!  Remember - think outside the box!

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