Thursday, May 26, 2016

TBT: Me-Made-May '14, Day 3

I've recently sworn off dye: It's just too messy and time consuming and I make no apologies that I'm the laziest seamstress on the planet...

Today, though, I'm sharing with you one of the more successful dye jobs I ever did.

Pearl Gray RIT dye was all I needed to spruce up this Tshirt I found for .99 cents. No sewing necessary! For my original post on this click here.

Happy Refashioning!


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jennifer elliott said...

You're not the laziest seamstress! I AM! :) Honestly, I like the shirt before the dye although the red neckline looks a little off. But I love the dye job because it makes the floral pattern more subtle. Great save.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD